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Make money online NOW!!

Okay if you are viewing this blog right now , that's mean you have an internet connection and a computer/laptop , right?
( of course, stupid :) )

Nah enough of the intermesso , now let's get started.
if you are wondering how can an internet becoming one source of income , then you are come to the right place. Yes in here i will try to give a little guide and tips about how you can generate income from online. HERE WE GO!!!!!

1. The most easy super way for income

What do you mean by easy super way? okay , i told you this is the easiest way for generating income from the internet. No focus needed , no cost needed , not much time needed , no website needed (so simple isn'it).

This method only require you to register for some website and then everyday your job it's only clicking the ads that provided by the web AND YOU GET PAID!!!
so simple isn' it , but about this way , i'm not to sure for myself if it gonna workout and make a residual income for you , so i'm not gonna talk about this in this section , if you want to know more about this clicking only method( Called PTC)
check my post at the almost bottom of this blog for details ok.

2. THIS is it, If you think internet can give you a HUGE amount of income then you should at least take a look of what i'm gonna tell you now.

There are many way to make money in the internet, and from what i learned and i'm still doing this , in my opinion until now there are 3 way to make money:

1. affiliate marketting ( you promote someone's else product and earn commision)
2. Product resseller ( you buy a product and you get the license to sell it again)
3. Product creation ( create or sell your own product online)

From what i search , i think no 1 option)affiliate marketting) it's the most popular way for generating income from the internet, why? well if you ask me , then i will answer this. It's about cost.The cost from doing this business is determined by you , so it's flexible . The different between no 1 option and no 2&3 it's in cost. For option no 2&3 you will need cost from the product itself , either you buy it or you make it , it will cost you time and money just for THE PRODUCT. after the product cost you , when you sell it online , you will have ANOTHER COST of advertising , buy a website domain and hosting , etc. See how the difference? In the other hand , option 1 offers you an income with no product in your hand , YES! you just have to promote someone's else product to others online, if they buy the you get paid and That's it.

So if you already choose what is your choice of method between 3 options above , then it's time to get started.

HOW to start :

1.Find your niche
well this is common sense , how can you sell a product if you don't know your target? Internet is world wide , there are millions of people using it around the world 24 hurs a day. so how can you find your niche in this market? the answer is using a demand research of keyword.
if you want to know how large is the demand of your product , visit

search the keyword and click on "Hit Me" button to know how large the demand is.
Q: What if i don't have a product? how can i start?
A: I told you about affiliate marketting right? so that is your answer.

Starting guide for those who don't have a product.
first you should think about one think in tour mind , that could be your hobby , anything you want remember , money it's about idea , so this is a simple way about generating your idea in business online.
After you think about something go to
( i will tke word "GUITAR" as an example)

Write guitar on keyword search and click "HIT ME" button( watch image below )

On to next step , watch the keyword that generated from word GUITAR and i'm sure your idea will be generated too (start to thinking about it) watch the image below

Image Hosted by

and watch THIS!!!!!!!!!!

Image Hosted by

After you have one idea then it's time to MOVE
time for searching an affiliate for guitar lesson. Go to google and search for it

Image Hosted by

AND FINALLY this is the result

And you have done it, the next step is only register for the affiliate program and atart earn your money
This is only example , your idea might be dfferent.REMEMBER money is IDEA.

For those who found this is COMPLICATED and hard to understand i give you the solution. There is one place that can help you learn all of this about making money online , you will be guide through CLICK PER CLICK page per page , a complete guide taht everybody can understand . and the place is..................

Yeah here's the place , click the banner below for details.

And one more Bonus from me , i will give you an easy LOW COST tips about building a website.
You know how much i spend when i build mhy web?
It's only Less than $3 a year!!!!!!!!!!!

Where i find it. Yeah i buy my domain for only $2.59 for A YEAR ( so cheap isn't it?)
Check at

But i think domain is not such a big deal , the big deal is HOSTING
yeah all of the cost is about hosting you will spend a medium amount of money here.
But how can i only spend less than$3 for a year? where i get my hosting?
If the domain cost me about $2++ a year , than the cost of the hosting is.........
I find one osting place that will reduce your cost with SUPER feature for FREE
What you can get for this INSANE FREE HOSTING is:
1. 250 MB Disk Space
2. 100 GB bandwidth ( OH MY GOD!!!!!!)
3. Super easy to do web design builder
4. Free template
5. many more

Want to get it like me?????
Okay i will be generous today , so i give you the link , click on banner below to GET YOUR FREEEEEEEEEEEEE HOSTING NOW!!!!

Free Web Hosting with Website Builder

After you learned all of that , you will find out that the most important thing about selling online is people RIGHT? you can sell if your stuff is not found by people, HOW can you make people know you? How you can generate traffic to your product???

FInd the answer in my post BELOW ( you will regret if you don't see this one!!!!)

Saturday, July 26, 2008

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GENERATED TRAFFIC WITOUT SEO it's that possible???

Ow yes baby , come on i wouldn't have praised this system if it's only about learning something like SEo , Gurus teaching , etc , it's all about traffic , how u can generated traffic for a uniqely 45000++ visitors a day without SEO...................
Think I'm bluffing , okay if u think about it , Just click the link Below and u will know about how seriously i am.

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Thursday, June 19, 2008

YOur Online money MAKER is HERE!!!!

Just want to share my experience about getting money online , beside the Magnificent
super traffic drive tool without SEO and others stupid learning method

Torrential Traffic Tactics

i also found something that can SUPER EASY drive money into your pocket
And it's called : PAY TO CLICK

okay first what the hell is this PAY TO CLICK(PTC)??

Yeap here's the simple explaination about it
PTC is the simplest way to earn money online , just sign up in the website and then you will be given ads for you to click everyday , once you click one ads , then you won't be able to click it again until tommorrow. SImple isn't it
Some people ask me how much can we earn from PTC???
It's up to you , really ... if you want to earn much more than just sign up for more website it's up to you how much time that you want to spend everyday for doing this stuff , but the most niceeeeeeeee thing about this that this PTC is totally free!!!

Yup it's free for sign up , just register and create your account and start clicking on your own and you will get paid. So SImple isn't it?

Why are you doing thisisn't the payment for clicking is soooooo small? why don't use your time for doing more usefull money making like internet marketting?

I told you before it's up to you how much time that you like to invest , myself doing my internet marketting too using

Torrential Traffic Tactics

and it's working superbly belife me , but like i told before this PTC don't need focus at all just click and click you can do it in a very flexible time ,i myself joned about 25 sites and only spent around 40 minutes a day to finished clicking all of them.

Why i am doing this? It's because I Find a way that you can be rich by using My method. Like u know PTC per click u will be paid around $0.01-0.015 so smalll isn't it , okay it's fine , using my stategy you will be amazed about how can this SUPER SIMPLE METHOD turn into Passive income that can give you unlimitted source of income JUST FOR 1 SITE

Here's the way
You just clicking and clcking for the first 3 month.
The ads in every website is different , some have 7 dialy , some have 10 some have even 22 , and many more , for this case of my stategy let's just say that every site has 10 ads dialy , so how much you earn from 1 site??

here's the calculation
You click 10 ads a day = 10X$0.01 = $0.1 a day
okay $0.1 from 1 website everyday
so after maybe around 3 month and 10 days you clicking let's say you collect $10 from each website (3 month and ten days=100 days= 100X$0.1=$10)

okay so you have $10 from 1 website , how about if join around 25 like me , then after 3 month and 10 days you will get $250

HERE"S the fun part :
EVERY site aloows you to purchase refferals that can click for you , that means if you have refferals and your refferals is clicking , then you will get money for every ads that your refferals click EVERYDAY. But you don't always have to find refferals and tell them about PTC( once again it's up to you) Because every site will sell Them , they called UN-REFFERED member that you can buy for a price
The price for each refferals usually around $1-$2 per person , but there will be a package that allows you to get a discount if you purchase in a huge quantitty.

So how?? I Before we discuss how to get $250 isn t in 3 month? So ThAT $250 DO NOT USE THEM , just use the $250 to buy refferal in 1 or 2 site that you said that it is the best site( you will find it along your journey of clicking)

so let's assume $250 can buy around 200 refferal
So now here's your earning
You get $0.1 everyday
200 refferal click for you everyday= 200X$0.1=$20
your dialy earning will be $20 a DAY!!!!
(this earning is just example everysite has a different earning policy)

So think about it , how about if you make 1000 referals or more???
U know the result right???

Tips For selecting PTC:
There are thousands of PTC web in the internet But there are thousands too that SCAM
u don't want to choose SCAM site do you?

some tips to choosing a PTC site is
1. Payment ( i found some PTC that give you $200 per click !!! That is a 100% SCAM)
2.Available forum
3.Fast payment
4. ( check for your site here)

How do i started?
First you need Alertpay and Paypal account so that PTC site can pay you
For create an account simply go to the web below

When you register , you will be ask about your alertpay or paypal account , fill them for your payment.
Okay i done some research and so far i joined 25 of them here's My link


Good PTC site around 10-13 ads dially $0.01 per click and $10 Payout (alertpay)

2.Uronline Bux

Good paying PTC around 8 ads dially, $0.01 per click and $10 payout (alertpay)

3.Earn 3
Good paying PTC around 8 ads dially, $0.01 per click and $10 payout (alertpay)

4.Isabel Marco

Old Good Best Paying PTC 10 ads dially , $0.01 per click and $9 payout (alertpay/paypal)


Good site 7 ads dially , $0.01 per click
$5 payout (alertpay)

6.10 Bux
trusted site , 11 ads dially , $0.01 per click and $10 payout (alertpay)

7.X clix
Good site , 10 ads dially , $0.01 per click and $10 payout(alertpay)

Trusted site and fast payout around 7 ads dialy , $0.01 per click and $5 payout

Good bux site , 15 ads dially , $001 per click and $10 payout(alertpay)

10.Angel bux

cool bux , 11 ads dially , $0.01 per click and $10 payout(alertpay)


Good site 7 ads dially , $0.01 per click and $10 payout(alertpay)


Fast paying site , 7 ads dially , $0.01 per click and $5 payout (alertpay)

13.VIP bux

many ads dially , $0.01 per click , $10 payout9alertpay/paypal)

14.E bux

Good paying site 10 ads dially , $0.01 per click and $5 payout(alertpay)

15. Paytc

4 ads dialy , $0.01 per click , $10 payout(alertpay)

16.Extra 10

same owner as earn 3 , 10 ads dially , $0.01 per click and $10 payout(alertpay)


22 ads dialy , super $0.015 per click , $10 payout(alertpay)


SUPER SITEEE WITH INSTANT CASHOUT , u receive money when you rquest
4 ads dially , $0.01 per click and $2 cashout(alertpay)

19.Earn Nu

Great site with instant cashout , 11 ads dially , $0.01 per clcick and $10 payout(alertpay)

20.World Clix
same admin as croclix , 10 ads dialy , $0.01 per click $10 payout (alertpay)


Fast payout site , 12 ads dially , $0.01 per click , and $4 payout(alertpay)

new good site , 11 ads dially , $0.01 per click , $5 payout(alertpay)

23.B-U-X net

Good site , 10 ads dially , $0.01 per Click and $10 payout9alertpay/paypal)

That's all for now , 1 more thing don't try to cheat using soomekind of clicking software etc or you will be banned.

Try it , it's worth.....